Hi, I’m Paul and this, right here, is me. Yeah I admit, this picture is not very accurate, it was taken in the 90's, but you got the point.

Let me talk about me a little

90’s Child

As I said earlier, I was born in 1992 (I let you do the maths) in Champagne, nothing special as I grew up, no drama, no existential issues, you name it. I had a pretty happy and fun childhood.


Fast forward

But enough of me being a child. I started growing interest for arts around 12, or, maybe I can say I had no interest for maths and sciences. It’s naturally that I choose to pursue in a specialized High School in applied art. I graduated from this high school and continue my way in College where I study interior design.

At this period of time, I moved to live in Paris, because, come on… it’s a rad city.


Photography is cool

In this college, we had photography class. That’s where I discover all the beauty of it. Since then, i always have a camera with me. I don’t like to miss an opportunity of taking a cool shot.


And here I am, now you know me a little bit. Feel free to ask me anything by using the contact tab